Zhongli Intelligent 2023 new product powerful listing and promoting the development of China’s food machinery

Since we were established, UIM has adhered to the enterprise concept of "R&D and innovation", always carry on the brand mission, take customer demand as the driving source, constantly insight into the trend of the times,
insisted on breakthroughs and innovation, and introduced new products to customers, leading China's food machinery and equipment to the world.

UIM will bring you two new products In this sales season. The following will introduce them one by one.


Full-automatic donut bread production line: it adopts the method of sheeting and molding with the dough belt, and has a good taste. Through rapid replacement of the mold, it can produce various shapes of donut products.
The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the stainless steel structure is solid and durable, and the humanized design is easy to clean and maintain. The hourly production capacity can reach 5000-20000pcs,
which can effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in the production process while improving the production efficiency.

Hamburg production line: It has the characteristics of high precision divider, stable weight, easy maintenance, convenient cleaning, and is suitable for the production of traditional hamburgers,
hot dogs and other products. The product weight range can be controlled between 30g and 350g, and the production line capacity can reach 24000 pcs/hour.


In the design of the above machine line , the R&D technology of intelligent update of UIM has been invested. All the machine line are made of top materials or controlling system. While ensuring the safety in the production process,
the performance is more stable, meeting customer needs and improving competitiveness. At the same time, it can also provide upgrading and transformation services according to the actual situation of customers
to meet the diversified production needs of customers to make various bread .

After 16 years of development,we incessancy carry on the product development, provides for the customer novel creativity design, obtains customers high praiseand and has continuous narrowing the gap with the world level.

Our bakery line have been highly recognized by international users such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and many domestic food manufacturers in the same industry, and are praised as high-quality equipment manufacturers and respected service providers by the industry.


In all the time we working on new bakery machine line day by day year after year, UIM has continuously fulfilled its ingenious quality products and brought high-quality products and service experience to customers.

Post time: Mar-10-2023