Super high cost performance! The first pastry production line in China, recommended by Zhongli Intelligent new products!

In 2014,The first truly commercialized fully automated pastry production line in China.

In 2018,Sold Several Automatic Sheeting Lines in Different Regions; Developed Dividing & Rounding Machines.

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In 2021,Egg- tart line R&D with independent IPR getting successful.

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In the past February, Zhongli Intelligence has received three waves of customers every day, and at the highest, five waves of customers a day. Most of them visit us and check the machine line in order to prepare for the next step.

As the first tier service provider of domestic food machinery and equipment in China, Zhongli Intelligence has own dedicated design and development team. We combine the needs of market customers to develop production line for different products. In addition to giving customers the choice of superior European equipment in terms of price, the product strength of Zhongli also reflects the level of overstepping.

All products of Zhongli Intelligent are using PLC and stainless steel, which is easy to maintain. The world's top equipment is also adopted of motors and electrical appliances.
For example, Schneider Electric Schneider power supply, Bedook electric eye, PE-UHMW Germany original imported material processing, SKF bearing, Siemens touch screen, etc., lay a good foundation for the excellent handling and stability of the equipment.

Thanks to its excellent product strength and superior price to European enterprises, the total delivery volume of the Zhongli intelligent croissant production line has exceeded 30 lines since its launch. The newly introduced explosive egg tarts/tarts production line has a high market share in the Chinese market. By 2022, the pastry production line has passed the market test with its stability and reliability, and achieved a good grade, creating more value for more than 200 Chinese food factories, and is expected to create higher product sales for customers in the future to achieve double profits.

On the other hand, it comes from the independent research and development of Zhongli Intelligent. Up to now, the production line equipment of Zhongli Intelligent has achieved 70% of the self-research and self-manufacturing capacity of the cost, forming a moat of self-research and vertical integration in the whole area.

It is also due to the advantages of the whole region's self-research that the Zhongli intelligent production line equipment can greatly reduce the cost for food factory . Whether it is the egg tart stick/pastry production line or the croissant production line, the performance and quality of the products can match the world's leading products, or the price or product strength. They have refreshed the new benchmark in the same price level. Once again, Zhongli Intelligence has established its position in China's industrialized food machinery field.

Post time: Mar-10-2023