Egg tart forming machine line

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Product Detail

The whole line is designed to create flexibility, quick product change-over, easy operation and cleaning. Products can be
made in different foils, paper containers, metal baking trays, hoops, tins as well as indented baking trays. For example:
• The blocking and crimping heads are exchangeable at operator side by one person (4 & 8).
• The space underneath the conveyor in general is 250,500,800 mm, which enables good access for cleaning.
• Relevant units are wheelable (4.6.8).
• The heating method of the Punching adopated water heating. The heating temperature is between 48-52 ℃ ± 1 which according to the moisture of the pastry dough.
• The line can be equipped with different feeders depending on different Pastry roller diameter .
• After demoulding, Egg tart billet can be arrange on a tray or directly convey frozen automatically


•The capacity of the pie line varies per size,
•Diameter 40 mm up to 20.000 pieces / hour
•Diameter 260 mm up to 5.200 pieces / hour
•Length of the line starting at 10.5 meters
•Product diameter 40 to 260 mm
•Working width 600 – 1200 mm
•Working height 850 mm

Product Specification

Machine size(L*W) 18(L)*2(W)*1.85(H)
Working height 850mm
Working width 600-1200mm
Product diameter range 40-260mm
Row 4-6-8

Machine details show

Egg Tart (1)

The foil denester is provided with a vacuum system to ensure that the foil is correctly placed.

Egg Tart (2)

Dough processing: the UIM Strip feeder

Egg Tart (3)
Egg Tart (4)

The guillotine ensure very accurate dough weight. and Precise product drop position

Egg Tart (5)
Egg Tart (6)

The dough billets are blocked to the desired shape without any scrap by a servo driven press. The blocking head is water heated for a precise and reliable operation.

Egg Tart (7)
Egg Tart (8)

The outfeed system transfers the pies from the conveyor towards dedicated panels but can also be delivered with a set-up for offload to oven band, freezer infeed or trays.

Egg Tart (9)
Egg Tart (10)

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