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ZL1168 Croissant production line is the best choice for industrialized production .In view of its precise design, this equipment produces uniform shape of croissant and the same degree of tightness of roll. At the same time, it can be combined with fillings such as chocolate, jam and so on. The combination of vertical cutting mode and the action of the triangle die prevents the triangle dough from sliding during the cutting process.
Through the control of the conveyor belt intermittent operation device, each row of triangular dough is neatly separated, and the steering device rotates the passing dough 90 degrees. This function ensures that all triangular dough is centered and in a unified position enters the roll-wrapper. meanwhile, the rolling device can be adjusted according to the need to control the tightness of the roll. The croissant production line has a compact structure and the length of the whole machine is 14 meters.


Product features

Hanging mechanism-Gouge tower-longitudinal cutter - dividing device-triangle Cutter-Turnning device-water spraying device-depositor device-rolling device-tray feeding system.
1.Dough Belt forming:The required dough width can be obtained by Satellite roller and sheeting roller.
2.Longitudinal cutter:Dough belt cutted by Disc cutter
3.Spreading belt:Divide the dough belt into the required number of strips by means of a split strip.
4.Triangle Cutting Device: Cut dough belt into triangle by abrasive tool, thedough will not slip when cutting. Cutter configuration and quick replacement device are simple and convenient when replacing horns of different sizes.
5.Turnning device: The croissant turnning device can rotate the triangle block rapidly and steadily to the required 90 degrees to be rolled up by the rolling process.
6.Rolling device: Rolling up the triangle belt to croissant by specially device .

Product Specification

Lengthg 14000 mm
Width Tray feeding part:4230mm
Depositor part:1640mm
Plate height 900 mm
Conveyor belt width 720 mm
Conveyor belt speed 9 m/min
Power output 18 KW
Voltage 3 * 220-380 V, 50/60Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Combine with Pastry laminating line
Weight 1500kg
Optional • Extend working plate
Capacity Size:88CM-21600pc/H
Size: 263mm-7200pc/H

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