Automatic Pizza Production Line

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•Optional automatic paste applicator, automatic filling distribution device and surplus material recovery device
•Modular design, flexible combination, high degree of automation, reliable process
•Dough belt thickness and running speed can be adjusted through with intelligent control system
•Operating width of the belt is 600mm to 1600mm
•Equipment capacity: 1.5t-2.0t/h
•Product size: diameter according to product requirements
•Product weight: 30-350g according to product requirements

Product Specification

Equipment Size 30000*5300*2500MM
Equipment Power 35KW
Equipment Weight 5560kg
Equipment Material 304 Stainless Steel
Equipment Voltage 380V/220V

-Dough Hopper

The mixed dough is poured into the feeding hopper of the Danish bakery machine through the elevator, and the single feeding weight is designed according to the production capacity of the production line, so as to ensure that the colleagues with constant processing of the dough do not wait too long for the dough.

-Dough Forming
The dough belt forming system adopts a low stress processing method to gently process the dough belt into the required width and thickness, so as not to damage the organizational structure of the dough belt and ensure that the dough softer.

-Dough resting and cooling system
The dough belt is transported to the low-temperature relaxation tunnel, which is relaxed as required according to the process requirements of each customer. The low-temperature tunnel is equipped with an anti condensation device, so that the dough will not be dried and cracked without direct blowing.

-Satellite rolling
The satellite wheel type dough rolling tower gently handles the dough belt, evenly spreads the grease and dough belt, and the dough belt is repeatedly rolled to form a dough belt with the width and thickness set to the preset value, which is sent to the dough belt forming  system, also known as the bread shaping system in the industry

-Gauging roller 
The width and thickness of the dough belt that has been extended through multiple rolling passes are determined according to the needs of the rolling dough. The final product thickness required by the travel is determined according to the production capacity requirements.

-Gauging roller 
The width of the rolling dough is determined according to the production capacity requirements. We can provide 680-1280mm equipment width to meet the production capacity requirements of different customers.

-Flour Sweeping 
- Two bottom sweeping
- One top sweeping
- Manual adjustment of operation height.
- Manual adjustment of operation angle

-Moving heel cutting
After sheeting, when the dough belt runs to the dough forming section according to the required thickness and width, it is been cuted by heel cutting to make sure the pizza with exactly round.

-Residual Recovery
The cut and shaped pizza is transported to the next belt, and the residual dough is recycled and reused through the recycling belt.

-Filling depositor 
The cut and shaped pizza been transported filling depositor ,This  mechanism will pour tomato sauce onto the surface of the pizza.

-Filling Cheese and Vegetable 
Through the belt type pouring of cheese and vegetable mixture.and the residual filling been recovery then been convey to next step.

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